(They 🐅 هم) can see the (vision 👁 رؤية) of a better life in a (bulldozer 🚜 جرافة),
and they want a piece of it.

A video sketch with Eyah Maghazil.

With sound artist Carolin Schnurrer & web developer ch3rr1

مفاتيح الاستراحة

Rami Farook bidding farewell to the old Arabia in alistra7a.

Eyad Maghazil connecting a VR headset to a 3D model of alistri7a.

A photo from Hittin And About with Shoug Alharthi

Joseph Vadakkumchery at alistra7a.

Joseph Vadakkumchery fixing the water tank in alistra7a.

أبجورة الاستراحة

سعودي، مو سعودي